Aerial Silks Fitness by Piper

Aerial Silks is an alternative style of fitness suitable for any individual regardless of gender, age, body type, fitness level or range of flexibility. It is unique in that it is not only a workout to increase strength and flexibility, but also exercise cognitive skills and problem solving with the addition of the apparatus. Because of the endless possibilities of different movement of skills on the apparatus, workouts never become mundane or boring, but quite the opposite, more exciting and fun!

Whether you’re looking to enhance your current workout routine, increase your flexibility or just have fun, aerial silks fitness is a great option! Prepare to be challenged, sometimes a little confused, but mostly expect to laugh a lot!


Introduction to aerial silks for beginners with little or no experience.

Level One
Must be able to climb 10 ft. Must have basic understanding of foot locks. Must be able to complete a sequence of four skills.

Levels Two/Three
Must be able to climb 15 ft. Must be able to invert. Must be able to complete a sequence of six skills.

PIPER - Aerial Silks Instructor and Coach

Piper began her fitness career with a background in yoga. After teaching for several years, she earned her certification with an aerial yoga (hammock) program for aerial conditioning, and soon discovered and fell in love with aerial silks. Piper spent the next several years in multiple intensive programs, including a fast-track pro program at the world-renowned Circus Warehouse, and has been a professional aerial silks performance artist and instructor for the past ten years. She has taught group classes, private instruction, and workshop intensives at several circus schools. She has also performed all over NYC for large upscale celebrations and was a resident artist in a monthly adult variety cabaret. She has worked with students of all ages, physical capabilities, and comfort levels; and has experience in the restorative field for those with injuries. Piper’s number one priority is safety, and a close second is FUN! Come fly with Piper! 

Pipers aerial fitness program is unique in that it not only is cardio, strength training, flexibility training, but also challenges cognitive skills. Her incredibly versed experience with the apparatus expands to not only the “fancy flyers” but to gentle restorative or hardcore conditioning... not to mention, she makes it super fun, and loves sharing her craft with ANYONE!

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