City of Yonkers
Employees and Families

City of Yonkers Discount Pricing:

$69/month ($10 savings per month - Regular rates $79/month)


$0 Enrollment Fee

$39 one time processing fee.

Membership discount is also applicable to immediate family members and retired City of Yonkers employees.

Includes one free InBody Composition Analysis

We are driven to assist you to feel, move, and look extraordinary!

A full spectrum of Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling Services Available


For more information contact Christine and Michael (914) 751 6655  eqadvisors@equalizefitness.com

WEBSITE:  https://ninjacatswarriors.com/


Children of City of Yonkers
Receive one Free Trial Class for the Fall or Spring Semester
NinjaCats Warrior Obstacle Course Program ($35 value) 

Proof of City of Yonkers employment required.


(914) 751 8668

For more information visit www.ninjacatswarriors.com or email us at  ncw_information@ninjacatswarriors.com

Equalize Fitness - Proud sponsors of the Yonkers 2022 Marathon and 5K Run - Diego, Equalize Personal Trainer,  had the pleasure of warming up the runners!!!

Thank you City of Yonkers for inviting us to be a part of the historic City of Yonkers Marathon.