Nutrition Counseling by Sharon


  As a Registered Dietitian, Sharon is trained to help EQ clients make changes to their dietary patterns, helping them achieve their health goals whether it be prevention or disease management.  Through a collaborative effort between Sharon and the client, targeted, simple changes are identified, and lifestyle factors potentially impacting their success are sorted out.  All recommendations are made with attention to medical needs, client-centered goals, personal preferences, time constraints, and budget.

 Sharon is a passionate, Yonkers-based Registered Dietitian with almost 8 years of experience in the field of nutrition.  She has practiced in various settings and areas of nutrition including hospitals, long-term care, telehealth, and corporate wellness, and has worked with clients of all ages, from children to the elderly.  Her philosophy focuses primarily on promoting total well-being and diet quality, with less of an emphasis on weight.  She holds specialty certification in diabetes management and has extensive knowledge in the areas of digestive diseases, micronutrient balance, and supplements.

 Sharon’s decision to go into nutrition began with a desire to learn how to cook, as a means of becoming more independent.  Realizing how much of an impact that learning one new skill can have on health, Sharon became devoted to helping others understand the autonomy they can have in their healthcare.  She works with clients to improve their health literacy and become their own best advocates, leaving their encounters with her feeling empowered and ready to set forth on their healthcare journey, knowing they are able and supported….plus, with a recipe or two!  When not seeing clients, she loves baking gluten-free brownies, chicken wings, and broccoli.

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